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About Us

Everything you want to know!

Quick Start Productions is a full service mobile disc jockey (dj) entertainment company, providing mature sophisticated fun for your classy event.


Entertainment Style:

Determined by client preference, our entertainment style is very flexible. We are as comfortable doing traditional "classic" or "low key" as we are performing "interactive" entertainment. If so desired, we can provide the energy and personality of a live band with the use of our live singer. It has been long believed that only a band lends an aura of sophistication to a wedding. DJs have come a long way and now do provide this same aura of sophistication.


We understand that the entertainer / DJ you choose and the quality provided, will be a reflection on you. You do not want to be embarrassed. To insure that there are no surprises for your event, we'll go over all special options with you in advance. We'll share our past experiences to provide input regarding your choices and how they may affect your intentions.


It is always our goal to keep the best interest of the client in mind. We genuinely care that every party is maximized to its fullest potential, while working within the parameters set by you


Private events,prom, banquet, reception, corporate party music"Our product is an intangible service. We are selling a "feeling" manufactured through performance. You want your guests to feel good. That's what you're really buying. How successful the event becomes will depend on the entertainer's skills and tools, as well as options you choose. Some entertainers / DJs are better than others. How important is entertainment for your event? What about the quality worth paying for? The short answer is that it honestly depends on event type and results desired. For example, a wedding reception requires more skills than a "house party". Because the average person hires a DJ only three times in their lifetime, it's understandable that most people don't always know what to look for (other than price) when hiring DJ entertainment for their wedding reception.

Professional Appearance: 

The image of your venue and the entertainers appearance will be something your guests will notice, and a reflection of your judgment.

Formal Equipment Covers hide everything in view that's on the entertainer's table; all wires, cables, scratches, and beat-up looking equipment caused by normal use and transport. If you think about it, cosmetically, the only difference between a VFW hall and a prestigious venue is the way everything looks. Do you want your wedding reception at a grungy or exquisite facility? Why should an entertainer be any different? Professional DJs have learned to wear a suit at most events.

Later in the evening it's perfectly acceptable for them to take their jacket off, as long as there is a vest in its place. Not every entertainer / DJ will measure up to the same standard. The time has come for them to look the part from top to bottom. Sloppy appearance is no longer excusable. Insist that your entertainer / DJ use professional Formal Equipment Covers. Quick Start Productions is among the group of international entertainers & DJs leading the industry to look and be professional.


Equipment: We use the best!

Most DJs do not own capable equipment for any event with over 250 guests. That's because most events these days have less than 200 guests and average 150 people. Therefore it makes sense that most DJs buy inferior equipment to handle only those average sized events. Most DJs would never disclose their equipment shortcomings honestly. Their attitude is, "the client doesn't know the difference anyway." Unfortunately for you, they would be right most of the time. During the party, however, you would discover something is wrong. But by then it would be too late. Your guests will appreciate the life-like from a superior sound system.

We only use the best equipment that doesn't fall short on sound. Quality is our priority. Remember that professional gear does not guarantee an entertainer's talent or service level, but is simply a tool for building an exceptional event. We will arrive at your event with the latest in technology.


Our computer database houses our entire music library (40,000+ songs). This means finding a song is super easy. It is possible for someone to request a song only knowing one or two words relating to a song (either artist or title) and we can pull up every song with that combination of words in the artist or title name. Of course this only applies if we didn't already know the song off the top of our head.


Music: We have your music! 


Heavy Metal


Hip-Hop (Rap, Reggae, R&B)

Adult Contemporary




Big Band / Swing

Latin (Merengue, Salsa, Reggaeton)


Lounge / Chill Out



Club, Dance, Freestyle

Oldies (1940s - 1960s)


Pop (Top 40)


Rock (Modern & Classic)


Specialty Dances

Easy Listening


Electronic (House, Techno, Trance)

Wedding Favorites


Our music library (40,000+ songs) is always up to date and is always growing. We receive new music as frequently as when the radio stations do (once a week). In addition, we only use RADIO EDITS. No need to worry about explicit lyrics.

(Explicit lyrics may be available if requested & desired)


Events: Yes we can do your event!

If you're looking for DJ entertainment that can adapt to all your needs, then we are the DJ entertainers for you. We understand that some people really enjoy a high level of interaction, and others feel it is embarrassing. From liberal to conservative, we can handle our audience. When you are booking us, we will discuss where our level of interaction should be. We have experience and are as comfortable performing for almost any event. The following is a list of some of the types of events we can provide services for.


We Provide Services For :

• Weddings

• Birthdays

• Anniversaries

• Private, Business / Corporate

• Schools

• Proms

• Holidays & Theme Parties

• Bar/Bat Mitzvahs 


Pricing Information:

Most of the time the first question people ask is, "What are your rates?" That's because it's usually the only tangible way for people to easily identify and separate Entertainers / DJs in the shopping process.

Prices vary depending on equipment needed, event type, total hours performing, time of year, traditional or interactive, and lighting options. 

Our prices will range from $300 to $1,500 or more depending on the options chosen. During your free no obligation consultation, we will explain what variables affect price, and how they affect price. There is more information on pricing for your type of event in the respective section of this website.


Ready to Meet us?

If you feel that you're ready to meet us in person, we can schedule an appointment to discuss our service. Whether or not you book us, the information you'll obtain from this meeting, is worth it! You'll discover ways to measure differences between entertainers / DJs, and why some are less expensive. You'll also find out more about us. Without pressure, this presentation provides answers to questions and concerns you will have, and many you wouldn't have considered or realized.

We gladly accept the following payment methods:


Personal Check

Cashier's Check


Apple Pay  

*Personal Checks Are Only Accepted 5 or More Business Days Prior To Your Event


We can handle any type of event!



Dear Bride & Groom to be, 

As proprietor / DJ of Quick Start Productions, I would like to first congratulate you on your engagement and introduce myself. I am Brian Willis, specializing as a wedding disc jockey (DJ) entertainer and a professional in the industry. I'm a DJ who personalizes his services to the specifications of his client. This is the foundation my business is built on. I believe the bride & groom should always have say in what is going to take place at their wedding. A disc jockey (DJ) should help out by giving different ideas, but should sit back and listen to the bride & groom's needs and desires. When you listen you find out a lot about your client and that allows you to serve them better. It is important that a bride & groom are able to deal with the disc jockey (DJ) that is going to perform at their wedding reception. This allows the client to get to know their disc jockey (DJ) and your disc jockey (DJ) to know you. It's easier to work with someone you know, than some stranger that you meet for the first time on your wedding day. We will really go out of our way to make sure your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible. To help ensure this, we will go over all options with you in advance. Our 12 page wedding planner covers most of these details.


For nearly every wedding reception, the most important elements (from the guests point of view) are food and entertainment. We recognize from the Bride's perspective, how special and important this day really is. You've been thinking a lot about this day for a very long time. You have a vision of how you want this day to go, and no matter how hard you try - the groom will never completely understand. This by no means is any disrespect to the groom. All DJs don't always get this either. We do, and we too want everything to go perfect, because we care. You're our boss for the night. We are responsible for good preparation, grand entrance introductions, making announcements, choosing good music, mixing songs properly, interacting with your guests, as well as communicating with you. We will coordinate all activities with the room captain or General Manager of the venue, photographer and videographer so that things run smoothly and in a timely manner. There are many things that go on behind the scenes. Beginning with the start of cocktail hour, to the end of the last dance, it's our job to make everything look smooth and easy.


What can you receive with our wedding service?...

1. A no obligation consultation at your home, and at your convenience.

2. The most professional service in the industry from the initial consultation until even after your reception. We will provide you with the most appropriate performance for your classy sophisticated wedding reception.

3. Certainty that your DJ will make sure that the entire wedding reception runs smoothly according to our preplanned guidelines. We do more than just make sure that we are doing our job, we know what everyone else is doing. We make sure everyone is where they need to be before we announce anything.

4. Peace of mind - Many locations are starting to require proof of liability insurance. When you sign a contract with a facility, chances are that you are signing responsibility on your part to ensure that your entertainer is insured. Should something unexpected happen during your wedding, and if your entertainer does not carry liability insurance, then you as well as your entertainer will probably be sued. We are fully insured. This protects our business as well as our consumers.

5. Professional audio equipment that doesn't fall short on sound. Quality is our priority. Remember that professional gear does not guarantee an entertainer's talent or service level, but is simply a tool for building an exceptional event.

6. Your personalized wedding music CD with all your memorable wedding songs on it. You can relive the memory of your grand entrance, first dance, cake cutting, etc. with your personalized keepsake CD. This is an industrial quality compact disc. Your picture will be directly on the CD itself (not a sticker).

7. Personalized wedding itinerary. Once you approve the wedding itinerary, we will send a copy to your photographer, videographer, and the reception hall. This is to ensure that everyone is aware of the day's plans.

8. A high quality wireless microphone which we will have on hand, for the blessing and/or the toast.

9. We will maintain contact with you every 8-12 weeks and establish contact with all service people such as: the banquet manager, photagrapher, and/or videographer prior to your wedding reception.


What you WON'T receive with our service.

10. You will NOT be embarrassed.

11. We will NOT take attention away from the bride.

12. We will NOT perform a 2 man show where one person plays the music and the other person acts as the party motivator. There are no silly routines that we have to perform at every wedding.

13. We will NOT work with props and dress up your guests in costumes unless you ask us to.

14. We will NOT make a big deal and stop the music if your guests can't do the electric slide. We will not teach line dances, unless you ask us to.

15. We will NOT display promotional objects that would look tacky or unsuitable at your wedding

16. We will NOT try to be the center of attention. This is YOUR day



The Planning Process...


The first time you meet your DJ, even before you have decided to hire or not, the planning process starts. The first question you're asked is, "what are you looking for in a DJ?" We will listen to your needs and desires. Then go over the planning of your wedding reception. With our experiences, giving you different ideas on how to do everything. You're not expected to know exactly what to do. By starting early you can calmly make decisions about different aspects of your reception. We will keep in touch every 8-12 weeks to see if you need any help. Our Wedding Planner is due seven weeks prior to your reception. Once we recieve it, the information is inputted into our computer. You will then be sent an itinerary for the days events including a list of the songs you want and don't want. After you have approved the itinerary, a copy is sent to your banquet manager, photagrapher, and videographer. We will call each professional and go over the itinerary with them. If there are any glitches, we can correct the bugs prior to your big day instead of on your wedding day.


What value does a professional DJ provide to your wedding? We do much more than play music at your reception. We help you plan the cinematic aspect of your reception. We act as Master of Ceremony(MC), making all announcements, introducing your parents and bridal party. We also are your personal wedding coordinator keeping the event flowing & your guests entertained. No need for you to run around and make sure the photagrapher is ready for the cake cutting. We take care of that for you, so you can relax and enjoy your special day. (There are some facilities that charge over $900 to porvide you with a wedding coordinator)


Events are remembered a few different ways, either it was the best party ever, just okay, or it was the worst party you've ever been to. How do you want your wedding reception remembered? Let us at QSP help you with your reception. Allow us to help create the lifelong memory that you had a great wedding reception.


Please contact us for references.


Wedding Rates

Wedding pricing ranges from $750.00 - $1,500.00 or more depending on options chosen.

Factors that affect price include:

• Day of the week

• Number of guests

• Type of performance

• & other options chosen.

Please remember that on average we invest around 30 hours into your reception, even though it only appears that you are paying for 5 hours.

Contact us to receive detailed pricing info for your wedding reception.


QSP Payment Schedule

A non-refundable deposit equivalent to 25% of total fee submitted with contract.

An additional 25% is due 90 days prior to the wedding. (A reminder will be mailed out to you)

The remaining 50% is due on the day of the wedding, prior to commencement. (You will be mailed out a reminder 2 weeks prior with the option to make the final payment, in case you want to avoid the hassle on your wedding day)



School Events



Dear school event planner,

I would like to introduce myself. I am Brian Willis, proprietor / DJ forQuick Start Productions. I am a full time interactive entertainer who personalizes his service to the specifications requested by my clients. We have the ability to interact with the students, whether it is by teaching a line dance, directing a group participation activity, or by conducting a contest. We don't like our events to be boring, and neither should you. When you hire us, you are NOT purchasing a human juke box. You are purchasing entertainment. Of course we understand that you're our boss for the night, so we give you what YOU want. It is always our goal to maximize every party to its fullest potential, while working within the parameters set by you.


If you want a DJ to have the crowd jumping and get everyone hyped. If you need a DJ that knows how to entertain a young crowd and make the party look like a club!... look no further, Quick Start Productions is the service for you.

Basic Package : Includes

• 3 Hour Performance 

• 2,000 Watt Speaker System (enough power to accomodate most auditoriums) (students tend to like how hard our bass hits) 

• Basic Dance Lighting - Ballpoint 360 Degree Multi Colored Ball Effect 

*(hazer machine, full light show set-up, & laser light shows available with our lighting packages only) 



Prom Package : Includes

• 5 Hour Performance 

• 2,000 Watt Speaker System (same as Basic Package) 

• Special Prom Lighting Package 



Premiere Lighting Package :

Includes Multiple & Various Lighting Effects & Hazer Smoke Show (better than fog). This Lighting Package Is Much More Comprehensive Than The Basic Dance Lighting Included In The Basic Package.


Exceptional Lighting Package :

Everything In The Premiere Lighting Package, Plus Fantastic Laser Light Show.



QSP Payment Schedule:


A non-refundable deposit equivalent to 25% of total fee submitted with contract. 

The final payment is due on the day of the performance prior to commencement.



 Corporate Events



Dear Event Planner,

I would like to introduce myself. I am Brian Willis, proprietor / DJ for QSP. I am a versatile entertainer who personalizes his services to the specifications requested by my clients. This is the foundation my business is built on.


Sound Reinforcement:

For meetings, seminars, special events, etc... If you need sound reinforcement for your next meetings, just ask QSP for help. We have the equipment to make you sound great.

Some of which include:

• Wireless microphones (lavalier & handheld)

• Live digital recording capabilities (audio & video)

• 3,500 lumens professional LCD projecotrs

• Projector screens

From a Group of 100 or even a group of 10,000, QSP can help. Please call for rates. Thank You.


Entertainment Style:

Determined by client preference, our entertainment style is very flexible. We are as comfortable performing "traditional" or "low key" entertainment as we are performing interactive entertainment. Our goal is to maximize every event to its fullest potential, while working within the parameters set by you.

The following is some of what QSP offers. Please contact us if you would like to know if we can offer something not listed. I look forward to speaking with you in person.



QSP uses only high quality professional audio equipment. We use a complete digital sound system utilizing 24-bit advanced High Definition sound. Quality is our priority.

Bat/Bar Mitzvah

               Quickstart Productions Bar/Bat Mitzvah Info

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Party Packages

Standard Package

Party Lighting

MC/Disc Jockey 

Two Party Dancers

The QSP Plus Package

Party Lighting

MC/Disc Jockey 

Two Party Dancers

Party Props 

Bubble Wrap

The QSP Premium Package

Extended Party Lighting

MC (Separate)

Disc Jockey (Separate) 

Four Party Dancers

Deluxe Party Props

Extended Sound System (Sub-woofer)


Coke and Pepsi

This is a popular game because everyone old and young can play. Two lines across the dance floor, 1 Coke and 1 Pepsi. When one name is called that side runs to the other side and sits on the knee of their partner. Last ones there are out. You can mix this game up by using other names and other things to do, i.e. call out Seven-Up and Both Lines run to the middle and high 5 their partner, say “Chosen phrase” and everyone raises their right hand up and yells "Chosen phrase", or you can call out the name of the guest of honor and everyone points at them and yells out "Chosen phrase!"


Scavenger Hunt

You can have as many people as you like play this game. Have the players come to the dance floor with a chair. Everyone must sit. The MC calls something out like a "Mastercard". The players run to find one. While they are gone, we remove one chair. The person who comes back and doesn't have a seat is out. This can be done quickly by calling another item while people are still out and removing another chair.


Singled Out

Game to see who of your friends know you the best! Based on your hobbies, interests, lifestyle, things you like to do, places to go, etc; five finalists take step up for each correct answer. One who reaches you wins (you’re seated w/ back to your friends) u try 2 guess who it is.


Say What Karaoke

Several groups compete at karaoke and performing to songs against each other. Playoff between 2 best groups where they compete against each other to same two songs.


Name That Tune

MC plays audio and/or music videos. Participants are handed out sheets and each sheet is scored to find winners. Playoff between top five and then top two.


Instagram Hour

We let you take the pictures! Send them to an Instagram account and post them. We broadcast them on to a tv monitor. This has been our most popular request this year.


Hugging Game

The MC will call for all the girls to get in a circle. The guys will then form an outer circle or an inner circle. One of these circles will walk to the music and one the music stops you hug a guy. Anyone without a partner will be out.



Spotlight Dance    

Several groups dancing, best groups are chosen to take stage to song of their choice. Best performance wins. (Spotlight used if applicable).



The bar mitzvah boy will choose a partner (mom, grandma, girlfriend), and the two will dance alone on the floor for a minute. Soon, the DJ or band will call, "Snowball." Each dancer chooses a new partner, and the cycle repeats.

Bubble Wrap  

Bubble wrap is placed down over entire floor for a “Chosen song”.


Balloon Dance

Massive amount of balloons are dumped on to the dance floor for a “Chosen song”.


Giveaway Dances  

Random giveaways spread throughout the night during dancing for “Chosen songs”.

Every game or dance can be catered to the theme or specific idea for event.

                             SAMPLE TIMELINE

Ari’s Bar Mitzvah Timeline

7:30  Meet and Greet (Music Mix adult/kids)

7:45  Speeches (Music Mix adult/kids) Mic sound upstairs

8:15 - 8:45 Kids dancing with a snowball last

Kanye West - All of the lights, Far East Movement – Like A G6, Cee Lo Green – Forget You, LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem, Move Like Jagger, Lil Wayne – 6ft 7ft, Cobra Starship – You Make Me Feel, Gym Class Heroes – Stereo Hearts, Kesha – Blow

1st Snowball (Bruno Mars -Lazy song)

8:45 - 9:15 (Music Mix adult/kids) Dinner

9:15 Kids dancing

Adult/kid songs before Horah (Black Eyed Peas - I Gotta Feeling, Taio Cruz – Dynamite)

Horah (last of set) Ari will choose Horah songs

9:45 Dessert/ Montage

10:00 Kids dancing

2nd Snowball  (Train – Hey, Soul Sister)

Another song

Kanye glasses – Jay Z/Kanye West -“bleep” In Paris

Another song

Glow in dark necklaces – Rihanna - We Found Love

Another song

Inflatable Mics – Chris Brown - Look At Me Now, Wiz Khalifa - Black and Yellow

10:30 Ari’s hats – LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It

11:00 Adult dancing

Bar and Bat Mitzvah Party Planning Checklist

Celebrant Name _____________________________________________________

Date _______________________________________________________________

Location ___________________________________________________________

Number of Guests (adults/kids) ________________________________________

DJ Name and Number ________________________________________________

Photographer Name and Number _______________________________________

Colors _____________________________________________________________

Title ______________________________________________________________

Entrance Area Décor

Welcome Sign _____

Balloons _____

Board/Book _____

Board _____ or 3D Sign-in book _____

Balloons at the sign in area _____

Pens for the board or book _____

Seating Card Area

Seating Cards _____

Seating Card Sign _____

Balloons at the seating card table _____

Adult Centerpieces _____

Kids Centerpieces _____

Table Numbers _____

Candy _____


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We can’t wait to perform at your event!

Feel free to reach out for more information or to book us for an event. 


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