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Wedding Info

Dear Bride & Groom to be, 

As proprietor / DJ of Quick Start Productions, I would like to first congratulate you on your engagement and introduce myself. I am Brian Willis, specializing as a wedding disc jockey (DJ) entertainer and a professional in the industry. I'm a DJ who personalizes his services to the specifications of his client. This is the foundation my business is built on. I believe the bride & groom should always have say in what is going to take place at their wedding. A disc jockey (DJ) should help out by giving different ideas, but should sit back and listen to the bride & groom's needs and desires. When you listen you find out a lot about your client and that allows you to serve them better. It is important that a bride & groom are able to deal with the disc jockey (DJ) that is going to perform at their wedding reception. This allows the client to get to know their disc jockey (DJ) and your disc jockey (DJ) to know you. It's easier to work with someone you know, than some stranger that you meet for the first time on your wedding day. We will really go out of our way to make sure your wedding day runs as smoothly as possible. To help ensure this, we will go over all options with you in advance. Our 12 page wedding planner covers most of these details.

For nearly every wedding reception, the most important elements (from the guests point of view) are food and entertainment. We recognize from the Bride's perspective, how special and important this day really is. You've been thinking a lot about this day for a very long time. You have a vision of how you want this day to go, and no matter how hard you try - the groom will never completely understand. This by no means is any disrespect to the groom. All DJs don't always get this either. We do, and we too want everything to go perfect, because we care. You're our boss for the night. We are responsible for good preparation, grand entrance introductions, making announcements, choosing good music, mixing songs properly, interacting with your guests, as well as communicating with you. We will coordinate all activities with the room captain or General Manager of the venue, photographer and videographer so that things run smoothly and in a timely manner. There are many things that go on behind the scenes. Beginning with the start of cocktail hour, to the end of the last dance, it's our job to make everything look smooth and easy.

What can you receive with our wedding service?...

1. A no obligation consultation at your home, and at your convenience.

2. The most professional service in the industry from the initial consultation until even after your reception. We will provide you with the most appropriate performance for your classy sophisticated wedding reception.

3. Certainty that your DJ will make sure that the entire wedding reception runs smoothly according to our preplanned guidelines. We do more than just make sure that we are doing our job, we know what everyone else is doing. We make sure everyone is where they need to be before we announce anything.

4. Peace of mind - Many locations are starting to require proof of liability insurance. When you sign a contract with a facility, chances are that you are signing responsibility on your part to ensure that your entertainer is insured. Should something unexpected happen during your wedding, and if your entertainer does not carry liability insurance, then you as well as your entertainer will probably be sued. We are fully insured. This protects our business as well as our consumers.

5. Professional audio equipment that doesn't fall short on sound. Quality is our priority. Remember that professional gear does not guarantee an entertainer's talent or service level, but is simply a tool for building an exceptional event.

6. Personalized wedding itinerary. Once you approve the wedding itinerary, we will send a copy to your photographer, videographer, and the reception hall. This is to ensure that everyone is on the same page.

7. A high quality wireless microphone which we will have on hand, for the blessing and/or the toast.

10. We will maintain contact with you every 8-12 weeks and establish contact with all service people such as: the banquet manager, photagrapher, and/or videographer prior to your wedding reception.

What you WON'T receive with our service.

11.You will NOT be embarrassed.

12. We will NOT take attention away from the bride.

13. We will NOT perform a 2 man show where one person plays the music and the other person acts as the party motivator. There are no silly routines that we have to perform at every wedding.

14. We will NOT work with props and dress up your guests in costumes unless you ask us to.

15. We will NOT make a big deal and stop the music if your guests can't do the electric slide. We will not teach line dances, unless you ask us to.

16.We will NOT display promotional objects that would look tacky or unsuitable at your wedding

17. We will NOT try to be the center of attention. This is YOUR day

The Planning Process...

The first time you meet your DJ, even before you have decided to hire or not, the planning process starts. The first question you're asked is, "what are you looking for in a DJ?" We will listen to your needs and desires. Then go over the planning of your wedding reception. With our experiences, giving you different ideas on how to do everything. You're not expected to know exactly what to do. By starting early you can calmly make decisions about different aspects of your reception. We will keep in touch every 8-12 weeks to see if you need any help. Our Wedding Planner is due seven weeks prior to your reception. Once we recieve it, the information is inputted into our computer. You will then be sent an itinerary for the days events including a list of the songs you want and don't want. After you have approved the itinerary, a copy is sent to your banquet manager, photagrapher, and videographer. We will call each professional and go over the itinerary with them. If there are any glitches, we can correct the bugs prior to your big day instead of on your wedding day.

What value does a professional DJ provide to your wedding? We do much more than play music at your reception. We help you plan the cinematic aspect of your reception. We act as Master of Ceremony(MC), making all announcements, introducing your parents and bridal party. We also are your personal wedding coordinator keeping the event flowing & your guests entertained. No need for you to run around and make sure the photagrapher is ready for the cake cutting. We take care of that for you, so you can relax and enjoy your special day. (There are some facilities that charge over $900 to porvide you with a wedding coordinator)

Events are remembered a few different ways, either it was the best party ever, just okay, or it was the worst party you've ever been to. How do you want your wedding reception remembered? Let us at QSP help you with your reception. Allow us to help create the lifelong memory that you had a great wedding reception.

Please contact us for references.

Wedding Rates

Wedding pricing ranges from $750.00 - $1,500.00 or more depending on options chosen.

Factors that affect price include:

• Day of the week

• Number of guests

• Type of performance

• & other options chosen.

Please remember that on average we invest around 30 hours into your reception, even though it only appears that you are paying for 5 hours.

Contact us to receive detailed pricing info for your wedding reception.

QSP Payment Schedule

A non-refundable deposit equivalent to 25% of total fee submitted with contract.

The remaining 75% is due on the day of the wedding, prior to commencement. (You will be mailed out a reminder 2 weeks prior with the option to make the final payment, in case you want to avoid the hassle on your wedding day)